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The gold standard of creative thinkingTypes of Creatives

To ascertain the creativity factor inherent in an advertisement, there are five dimensions that need to be taken into account, according to the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) by Ellis Paul Torrance — fluency, originality, elaboration, abstractness and resistance to premature closure (Reinartz & Saffert, 2013).

Ads with a high level of artistic creativity contain aesthetically appealing verbal, visual, or sound elements. Their production quality is high, their dialogue is clever, their color palette is original, or their music is memorable.

As a result, consumers often view the ads as almost a piece of art rather than a blatant sales pitch. We’ve outlined the following creatives for your consideration.

Facebook, Google, etc Ad Creative Facebook, Google, etc
Creative design, artwork and visuals for purposes of serving as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.
Branding, Social Media, etc Content Creative Branding, Social Media, etc
Visual composition, artistic representation with a persuasive approach to branding and awareness.
Marketing mailer, etc Email Creative Marketing mailer, etc
Creative approach to newsletters and email marketing for both informational and ecommerce content.
Print, event & traditional media Collateral Design Print, event & traditional media
Elevate your branding with creative product mockups, packagings and conventional marketing collateral.
Out of home media Digital OOH Out of home media
Creating design for out-of-home media campaigns that targets the right audience — anytime, anywhere.
Digital & Outdoor Advertising Billboard & Signage Digital & Outdoor Advertising
From traditional to digital billboards, there will always be a minimalist and guerrilla slant to it.
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